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Welcome to Resins by Randy!
Welcome to the wonderful world of fine resin cast model horses!

Precision resin casting for the discriminating model horse sculptor.

Resins by Randy is owned and operated by two amazing old folks, Deb and Randy Buckler. We live on the beautiful central coast of California in the little city of Atascadero.
We're avid horse and animal lovers and adjust our lives around them and our family. We started casting resin horses for the model horse hobby in 1994, under the training of the grandfathers of resin horse casting for the model horse hobby, Kim Gypsum and Dave Barkowicz, of DaBar Enterprises, and artist Kathleen Moody.
We remain forever thankful to these folks for their generosity, time and knowledge, for without them, Resins by Randy would never have existed.  They have inspired us to "pay it forward" ever since.
We are people of principal, and while we are devoted to producing the finest resin reproductions possible, paying it forward has always remained our main theme. 
Reproducing sculptures in resin might not appear magical, but we have witnessed it first hand. The dreams that have come true, the hearts that have been touched, and the lives that have been saved, all because of a "simple" resin cast. Please read about our various and ongoing quest in "Paying it forward" with Resins by Randy.
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Resin casting and molds

Precision resin casting isn't expensive, It's priceless!
As an artist, your time is precious. After you've spent hours perfecting your beautiful sculpture, you don't want to spend more hours perfecting a less than perfect resin cast.
At "Resins by Randy", we work hard to maintain a high standard of quality. Any resin cast we ship to you can be shipped directly to your customer without worry of imperfections.
For our European Artists, we can ship factory direct to your U.S. customers.
We base our reputation on our good work and we are committed to giving you your moneys worth!

Due to popular demand, we now accept paypal payments on all purchases, INCLUDING mold and casting!....

Sculptures by Randy and other artists.

Exclusive resin horses

Painted horses for sale





The 500 Frogs Project

The International Blessed Broodmare Project
Some horses need your help! Click the logo on the left to see some PMU mares and foals that are in desperate need of finding homes.
Great sculpture? Don't chance it with a poor resin casting service!
Go with the best......................
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People forget what you say, and people forget what you do...... but people never forget how you make them feel......In the end, only kindness matters.
This is a lovely example of American Model Horse Artists at their best.....Horse, Ranger, Sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, Mold and casting by Resins by Randy, Painted by Myla Pearce, Custom tack by Terry and June Newberry, Rodeo Queen and photo by Pat and Karelin of the Harr Ranch.


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  Warning! Beautiful horses inside!

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