Before The Storm~~~A colaborative work from Rita Menard and Randy Buckler.

Shown above painted by Terra Pennington

Shown above, painted by Nan Wagner

Shown above, painted by Sheryl Leisure
This is our magnificent Kentucky Mountain/Rocky Mountain Horse stallion, sculpted by Rita Menard-Baker, and Randy Buckler. Before The Storm is a versatile and spirited horse. He is a "large Traditional" size, and he is roto cast with steel reinforcing rods in his legs and tail. He has an absolutely majestic presence about him. Shown here, he is lofty and exuberant with his high flying mane and tail. But he will also be available with a more flowing mane and tail in the near future. This beautiful horse costs $185. for unpainted plus $10. for shipping. Please see "The Perfect Storm" in our gallery for more fantastic pictures and breed suggestions and links for this amazingly versatile horse.
Randy's horse, Red Hawk, a triple registered TWH, SSH, Racking horse, was very generous with his time as long as treats were forth-comming! Look at those pretty curved ears!
"What do you think, Red Hawk?" This sweet gelding spent hours "posing", being poked and prodded and "helping" Randy get the detail just right.

As Randy adds the finishing touches to Before The Storms mane, "Evelyn" the Patogonian Conure wants to add her critique!
Before The Storms mane and tail were actually sculpted by DEB Buckler! Randy added the
finishing touches. Storm will come in two mane and tail versions. The first version will be a flying mane, and the second version will be a more flatter, flowing version. Many thanks to all the great artists who gave us their 2 cents worth on this lovely piece. Rita Menard and Randy Buckler have made a terrific team!

We have a rule around here that if you have a cat on you, you don't have to get up for anything! You can actually have food, drinks and telephones brought right to you! Here, "Julie" is supervising Randys work on 'Storm.