Last Tyme

And now, here is "Last Tyme" at long last!  Last Tyme is the new updated version of our jumping horse Justin Tyme.  Originally, Sommer Prosser sculpted "Time Piece", the jumper with the braided mane and tail. Well, with Sommer's blessing, Rebecca Turner updated Time Piece and created "Justin Tyme", a loose mane and tail jumper. Now, 2 years later, Rebecca has now updated Justin Tyme with this new horse, very aptly named...."Last Tyme". Last Tyme is absolutely amazing. Rebecca has come a long way in her sculpting ability since Justin Tyme and this new horse really shows her growth as an artist. This is Rebecca's best sculpting yet and I would call this horse her "Signature" piece since it sets her right alongside some of the best sculptors we have in this hobby. This stallion is just busting with detail and emotion. I can't wait to see him painted since these pictures here are just terrible. You can't see all the wrinkles and veining and neat stuff that makes this horse absolutely alive.

 We are accepting pre-casting orders for him now. He is $230. for unpainted, including shipping.  He's a good size, hollow cast, and mounts onto his base. As soon as he is cast and we compensate Sommer, she will be making a braided version of him for our line as well.  SO, this will be the official fare-well to Justin Tyme. Timepiece is actually still casting, but not for long. I will post as soon as we have the braided version. Meanwhile, don't miss out on this guy!  He is really super!

 Many special thanks to Sommer and Rebecca for placing this gem in our exclusive line!