Stagefright! collaboration stallion by Melanie Schulmeyer and Deb Buckler

"Stagefright!" is the result of a Balewou originally sculpted by Melanie Schulmeyer, then re-worked by me, Deb Buckler. With the permission to cast this re-make, I gave Balewou a wild mane and tail, softened his profile very slightly, and laid both ears back. What an affect! It was never my intention to cast Stagefright!....I did him for my own collection. But he is an awesome horse, and shown here painted by Sherry Clayton, he is stunning. He will be a limited edition, one mold run only. Approximately 70 pieces. He will be solid cast and cost $165. for unpainted plus shipping.

Just so that you are not influenced by Sherry Claytons beguiling paint job, I'm including some shots I took when I was working on Stagefright!. He's in primer here and this is how the unpainted casts will look. Since I had no plans to re-cast this horse, I really gave him a complicated mane and tail. Randy had fun making his mold! Ha! He's tack-friendly though!
Our Indian brave doesn't look very impressed by the antics of his semi-wild horse! Rather bored, I'd say! Stagefright! will look stunning in any color...imagine him in a splashy Appaloosa or a wild sabino! This horse has tons of potential.