Aggie, painted by Randy and Melissa Buckler

This is a special circumstance. A trophy company asked us to cast and paint 10 of Carissa Kirksey's beautiful Clydesdale mare, Aggie, only to back out on the deal when the horses were finished. They wanted 10, matched, brown bay Clydesdales with high whites and blaze faces.  When they received the horses, they rejected them since they were expecting horses like the ones the Starlight company in China makes. There is quite a story about these horses and you can read about them on Susan Bensema-Young's blog, here:  We remain forever grateful to Susan for her heroics in rescuing these horses for us. If you have any more questions about this, please ask me!

  Anyway, we now have 10 beautiful Clydesdale mares ready to be adopted!  They are currently residing with their original sculptor, Carissa Kirksey. Randy and Melissa gave these horses a basic but beautiful paint job, and they are all fairly similar.  We're asking $325. for this version. They make a stunning team and it's impressive to see them all together. But if you'd prefer some shading or sabino spots, or other detailing, Carissa will re-touch one for you for a small fee. She even has our permission to repaint the whole horse if someone wants.

Among the wonderful things that Susan Young did for us, was to tack Aggie up in her amazing tack! And then take these pictures for us! We can not thank Susan enough for all her help. Just take a look at this gorgeous horse in that stunning harness!!

  Aggie is being cast by us, but she is not in our line. You need to order her from Carissa at:  Aggie is available with a base or with an acrylic peg in her hind  leg for balance. The original cast has a long braided tail, but if you prefer a docked tail, like these 10 have, we can do that at no extra charge.  These particular horses are permanently mounted to their bases.

 And as a quick note, Carissa Kirksey  is an up and coming artist, known for her attention to detail and authenticity of breed depiction.  She lives in an area where many draft horse breeders reside, and she has done tons of hands-on research to make this sculpture as authentic as possible. Aggie is a stunning sculpt as even Susan Young will tell you since she has had a chance to see this beautiful horse in real life.