Babette, Heavy Draft Mare by Brigitte Eberl

Here she is at long last, folks! The long awaited U.S. version of Babette, the heavy draft mare by reknowned German artist, Brigitte Eberl. Babette is a soft and peaceful looking mare, and differs from the German version by her loose tail. She is traditional sized and will be hollow cast. We have begun her mold making process and are expecting casts soon. They will cost $200. plus shipping. This is a spectacular sculpture, with all the incredible detail we have come to expect from Brigitte. This lovely mares coat even has a hair texture to add to her realism. That lovely sandy bay was painted by Cindy Williams, and the deep chocolate palomino was painted by Gudrun Schmitt, of Germany.

I couldn't wait to hitch Babette to a cart, and this set by D&H designs fits her perfectly. Babette is going to make a great harness horse.