These pictures are from May to June of 09. Bandero is now a year old, and finally starting to loose that baby fuzz. He's getting taller and more elegant by the day!  He's a beautiful, classy little guy...very refined and definitely more like his Thoroughbred sire then his Percheron Mom.  Next to Cinders and Indigo, he almost seems delicate with his long slender neck and soft sweet face. He is Randy's special boy, that's for sure and the two of them are so bonded! Bandero loves to run, and when turned out in the big arena, we seldom see him without his tail flagging in the air. We plan to start doing some long rein ground driving with him very soon. He's getting SO big, we'd better get started before he's 16 hands!

Bandero is a bundle of flaming energy. His tail is always flagging and he's always blowing and snorting. His natural animation is just breath taking. I swear, he FLOATS. He show much more of his Thoroughbred breeding then Percheron, but I have to say, Momma Cinders is no slouch!  She herself, is a fire breathing dragon! The breeder in Canada said that Equistone, Bandero's Thoroughbred father, was 17 hands and as sweet and gentle as could be. Horses in the PMU industry usually do have NICE temperaments. The farmers don't waste time dealing with an ornery horse...easy enough to slaughter them out and get a "nice" one.

 I believe some of Bandero's fondest childhood memories will be those of his times racing and playing with his best friend, "Uncle Ricky". Uncle Ricky, or "Little Ricky" is a little old Peruvian Paso gelding , only 13.2 hands tall.  Though small in stature, Ricky is a huge horse inside and he shared his gallant bearing with Bandero. Ricky was intimidated by Bandero's great size and youthful exuberance, but he never let it show and always remained calm and in command. Over the years, the 2 boys have remained best friends and Bandero has become very protective over his old buddy. Though they are not in the same corral and I don't even let them out to play together due to Ricky's age, they do live right next to each other and can scratch over the fence or race each other on the fence line.  Bandero gets so worried when Ricky goes out of his sight. One time, we put Ricky in the arena  with Red Hawk, another gelding of ours. We didn't know it but Red Hawk became aggressive and was PLANNING on hurting Ricky. Bandero started running and lunging at the fence to get our attention that Ricky was in danger.  We immediately removed Ricky from the arena before anything happened! Poor "Little Rick" was so glad to get out of there and we praised Bandero for looking after his old friend.
 When Bandero was about 4 1/2, we sent him to a local trainer who was known to be good with starting colts. Logan Beers had a huge place in the country with lots of natural terrain for Bandero to learn about life on. Logan did the basics with Bandero...round pen, trailer, and many long walks on the trail,beside his big, well seasoned Quarter Horse. Bandero learned how to navigate water and obstacles  by following the example of the older gentle horse. It was a great experience for our baby boy. He learned he had to cooperate with another human, other then us and he learned to be brave and figure things out on his own. He was only there a few months, but it was a good start.

Logan Beers got Bandero off to a great start and he provided us with the skills we needed to keep up with Bandero's ground training.  Bandero is a big guy, young, and so full of life and exuberance! But we worked on alot of liberty in the arena, voice commands and body gestures to get him to walk, trot canter, halt, and reverse. Randy does so well with him.  He makes it a game and Bandero can't wait for the next command. We worked on loading in the trailer and saddling but we never mounted him. THAT would be saved for the next trainer, Tye Mac Donald.


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