Buster, Brabant/Draft Stallion by Yvonne Davey

Buster is finally ready! Here is one of the most correct and beautifully done Drafters we have seen in a long time. Artist Yvonne Davey has sculpted this lovely stallion after being inspired by the real Brabant Stallion, "Buster", seen below. Our Buster is a Traditional sized horse, hollow cast with our usual steel reinforced legs. He is a charming horse, his gentle eyes peeking out from under all that thick forelock that is so prevalent in this breed. Yvonne has done an amazing job with the detail on this piece, and we will be having more painted pictures of him soon. Don't miss out on this guy...he is only a one mold run. Shown here, painted by sculpting artist, Yvonne Davey.
Unpainted copies cost $185. plus $10. shipping inside the US.

 Beautifully detailed hooves with intricately carved shoes.

Realistic Stallion anatomy.

 Yvonne really gave this horse some amazing detail! You have to see him in real life to appreciate it! 
Buster really IS "tack friendly"! Here, he makes a great Irish Cob cart horse. The chocolate on the left was painted by Terra Pennington, and that sweet dapple grey was painted by Kim Burd. That wonderful harness was made by Susan Gage and the cart is made by D&H designs.

Here's some shots of the real Brabant stallion, Buster. He is still available for adoption from the premarin farm in Canada, through the Animali Farm here in California (www.theanimalifarm.com) there are less the 500 registered Brabants in the world. They are a quiet, gentle breed, often raised for meat and milk.

 And this is our colt, Indigo, that we adopted from the Animali Farm last year. Indigo is a direct son from Buster, the Brabant shown above.