Custom Calliope by Deb Buckler and Kim Burd


Kitty Cantrell originally sculpted Calliope, the mule, and I have re-made her, slightly, to be a scruffy Mustang mare. I have shortened her ears and added a mane and tail and a little feathering. She was inspired by a mare I saw in Canada when we were rescuing PMU mares. The PMU farmers often bred Shire mares to paint stallions, to produce flashy colts that would be easy to sell.  I never forgot this mare. She was wild and looked like she could have come right off the plains. She DID get adopted, and saved, but I have lost track of her.

 ANYWAY!  I'm asking $385 plus shipping for this beautiful custom painted by the amazing Kim Burd. I almost never let Kim's work get out of my hands, but I need to pay a huge vet bill 'inspired' by my beautiful horse-bud, Indigo. Indigo got BAD sick with Colic and had to go to the hospital and almost had to have surgery.  Thankfully he skipped the surgery, but the bill is still substantial.