Cinderella (Cinders)


Winter of 08 has been long and dreary and I have to admit, I haven't done alot with the horses.  But when Spring finally came and along with it the sunshine, I was able to get Cinders all polished up again. Isn't she gorgeous? Her mane keeps growing and growing and she keeps getting bigger and taller too!  She's over 17 hands now and an absolute bombshell! She is still my sweet 'horse-sister', but oh my goodness I can't believe how spirited she is! I have nick-named her "Leviathan" since she's such a fire-breathing dragon when I try to work her on the lounge line! I can barely control her! She holds her head up high, mane flying, and tail curled over her back and flames shoot out of her nostrils! Ok, ok...I'm being a little dramatic! But when I get a video of her, you'll see what I mean! Because of her amazing energy, I have gotten a little intimidated, even though she readily responds to me with just that little rope halter. She gets positively NO high-energy feed...just Orchard Grass with a tiny bit of Alfalfa to absorb the soy oil she gets, plus a small scoop of rice-bran pellets.  She's mad about this....poor spoiled princess knows we have 'better stuff' and she refuses to eat her food unless we leave OR I stay with her and brush her while she eats. She turned 4 on May 11th, so I think I'm going to concentrate on her training again. As soon as she remembers she's a TAME horse, I'll be back to riding her. She's such a sweetheart. I just never dreamed Percherons could be this animated and energetic. And she's pretty big to be prancing on her tippy toes when I try to lead her around! EEE!

These pictures are mainly from April to May of 09. Cinders is really 'coming in to herself' at four years old. She is a very high spirited, energetic horse...quite a surprise from what you might expect a draft horse to be. I jokingly call her my " Leaping Leviathan" since she is so snorty and uh...."athletic"!  She is stabled next to Randy's SSH, Redhawk, and he is always snorting and blowing and rearing in his corral, so now Cinders is rearing and bucking in her corral when they race and play together. It is awesome to watch.  To WATCH! So I work Cinders on a lounge line until I feel confident to get on her. She has ALOT of energy, and extremely high knee-hock action and when I work her, she curls her tail over her back like an Arabian. Good grief! You would never guess it from these lazy-looking pictures!
On the recommendation from my niece Charity, who started Cinders, I took her to a great fellow named Logan, a friend of the family who trains Quarter Horses. He's only 19 years old, but I can see a horse whisperer in the making! He worked with me and Cinders for over a week, getting me 'back in the saddle".  I was able to ride all over his folks acreage under his supervision. Cinder did great....I felt like a total 'green-horn'! Sigh.
And YES, due to the encouragement from my loving friends and family, I finally got a helmet! I'm 56 years old and never rode with a helmet, but now I have to say, I feel alot more courageous with one! It only takes once to fall off and bonk your head! So what if it squashes your fuzzy hair!
As you can see here, I keep Cinders mane and tail in braids all the time. It's alot of work, but if I don't, all that gorgeous silver mane and tail turn into mud-soaked dreadlocks. Whew! Here also is a picture of a little rooster that has befriended Cinders and will stand on her stall door and crow until she knocks him off. I ride Cinders with that "Draft Patrol" saddle I got for Indigo a while fits her alot better.