Cinderella (Cinders)


Did I ever tell you I happen to LOVE this horse?!  I don't think I have ever had a more affectionate horse in my life. Truly, she could spend all day just being hugged and petted and fussed over. That's a good thing since it really does take me ALL day to "Fluff" her. I have to unbraid all those braids, brush her thoroughly, bathe that giant body and shampoo her mane and tail....I tell you it's like washing a school bus!  Then I have to walk her out to get her at least a little dry and then the real "fun" begins......RE-braiding all those braids!   Cinderella's mane is now 42 inches long on both sides. So you figure,  7 braids on each side of her neck, makes 14 braids, each one being at least 40 inches long....yikes, that's 560 inches  of braided hair! No wonder I'm tired by the end of the day!  But my sweet, sweet girl is worth every minute. She is so patient, and as long as there's hay in front of her, she doesn't really care what you do. I tell you, when you remember this magnificent mare was facing the possibility of being slaughtered.....well, It sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it.
Well I guess it's true that time flies when you are having fun. I sure haven't kept up with Cinders page very well!  But I HAVE been taking lots of pictures so I will do a quick update. Times have changed so much since these pictures were taken.  Cinders mane and tail have become legendary. Her mane is so long, it's almost down to her HOOF! And her tail drags on the ground. She is massive. And every year sees her getting whiter and whiter. She is a "young minded" mare..always happy and full of energy. I accuse her of being an Arabian filly in disguise since she's so snorty and 'on the muscle'! I am a timid rider, so I get rattled pretty easy if she decides to suddenly prance sideways. But the truth is, Cinderella is nothing but love and joy personified. She adores the humans and she LOVES attention and touch. She has a silly sense of humor and she thinks it's so funny to be carrying a human around on her back. I swear I can "hear" her laughing. And she is so patient. I fuss and fuss over her, braiding up her mane and tail, taking pictures, brushing and bathing...she just stands there and endures. I sometimes sit on her back so I can reach her mane and braid it and she loves that. It wasn't unusual for her to get a shampoo every week. Her "spa days" truly took all day. It took a long time to braid up all that mane and tail!
Keeping Cinders clean is a big job! And as much as I love my beautiful mare, she does not make it easy for me! I am forever thankful to Shawn McNeely who made me a stack of washable mane and tail bags that I could keep Cinders amazing mane and tail in at all times. I accused Cinders of being an Arabian filly but I also accused her of having a Chester White PIG in her ancestry!  Oh my goodness does my beautiful white horse love to roll and grind in the mud and dirt!  The mane and tail bags really got a work out! Thank goodness I have alot of them as she ripped them up and destroyed alot of them. I would come out on a rainy morning and find her long platinum strands caked in mud and sometimes even badly damaged as she had STEPPED on them as well.  For a long time, her corral was next to Indigo's and if the hot wire between them was down, Indigo would reach over the fence and the two of them would mutually "groom" each others necks. Mutual grooming is hard on manes, let alone mane bags and Indigo really chewed them up when he got a chance.  It was pretty frustrating and I began to question just how important was it for her to have this fantastic mane and tail when she couldn't just be a horse.