Cinderella (Cinders)


Having a beautiful horse like this comes with responsibility. You have to take tons of pictures of of them and you have to share them with the entire world!  So that's exactly what I did. I sent some pictures of Cinders to the folks who make the amazing "Horse Sense" products. And yes, this IS a plug for them! I use tons of their shampoo and detangler on Cinders. During the months when it's too cold to get Cinders all wet with a bath, I still have to keep her mane and tail clean and braided. When she's been wearing the mane bags for a couple weeks and grinding them in the mud as she loves to do, the bags become soaked and dirty. The mane inside is surprisingly clean, the mane bags really do their job. But the top part of her mane, on the top of her neck, which doesn't fit into the bag, gets just caked with dirt and mud.It's nearly impossible to comb out without shampooing and I don't want to get her cold and wet during the winter. SO! I remove the mane bags and just take a big gob of the Horse Sense detangler and work it right into the muddy mane. No shampoo. The stuff works like magic and I can comb out all the hair and dirt and braid the mane back up again and put on a clean mane bag. The next time I work on her mane, the detangler is still in there and makes it easier again. GREAT stuff. And of course the White Night Shampoo makes her so brilliant white, you really do need sunglasses to look at her! Check out this ad that Horse Sense runs in the California Horse trader from time to time!  Yup! That's me and my "great big beautiful doll"!
I don't get to ride Cinders as much as I'd like. Mostly, it's just play with her and she seems perfectly OK with that. I do know she's a very affectionate horse who LOVES human contact. She  loves to be petted and groomed and fussed over. But she also loves to carry a human around on her back. I do believe she finds it amusing to walk around with a human on her back. She gets all silly like she's showing off to the other horses and that's all fine but it can be scary for me! She loves life and is full of energy and she is BIG! She's a character, too. She will grab your clothes or try to grab your boot when you're sitting on her. She LOVES being scratched and will fall on you if you don't make her be mindful of her space!
These pictures were taken early August of 2014. OMG I cut her amazing tail! Don't worry, It has completely grown back in and is dragging the ground again!  I didn't really mean to cut it quite THAT short, but I have to admit, she does look pretty cute! No matter how hard I tried to keep flies and dirt off Cinders, she had little defense with her tail up in a bag all the time. So I decided to trim it up quite a bit and just let her have a tail. It grew out really fast and she loved having her tail be free after all these years. It sure didn't stay white and fluffy throughout the winter, but I WAS able to wash it alot more often and keep it clean and beautiful alot easier. That picture of me brushing her tail was taken just before I cut it. You KNOW THAT was a tough decision! I can only show these pictures now that it's been a couple years and her tail is completely long again. You'll see in the next groups!
These pictures were taken mostly through 2015. As you can see, her tail has grown out alot. I have also trimmed back her mane to make it a little easier to care for but it is still braided and put into mane bags. You can really see how "flea-bitten" she is when she is wet! You might also have noticed her mane is on different sides of her neck from time to time.  When I first started "growing" her mane, I split it down the middle of her neck so she'd have a double crested mane. As her mane grew longer, having it on both sides of her neck became more and more of a chore to keep up so I decided to just "grow" it on one side. She has alot of mane so to avoid the risk of the weight of her mane pulling her neck down on one side, I switched it to the other side every time I washed it.  Since we often have old cardboard boxes that need flattened for recycling, we love to let the horses crush them down for us. Indigo LOVES mashing boxes but Cinders wasn't so sure about it! She's a gentle being and doesn't want to 'hurt' anything so she'd try to avoid stepping on the boxes. Such a sweetheart. Hey, look at the sweatshirt my best friend embroidered for me!
OK, this brings up to the summer of 2016. I can't believe my amazing princess is 10 years old already! She sure has gotten white over the years, hasn't she. She is probably the sweetest, most affectionate horse I have ever known. Not a mean bone in her body. She is a silly girl, always in to mischief if she can find it. Life is fun and humans are funny according to Cinders!  I don't get to ride her very much since all our local trails have been cut off by houses now and traffic is an issue. So I ride around the property and play with the horses every chance I get. The horses are an active part of our life, even if we aren't riding them every day.  Cinders is so patient with all my fussing and brushing and pushing and pulling. In one of the pictures here, it looks like I'm punching her....I'm not, of course, just pushing her with my bent fingers rather then jabbing her. She's a fatty though and you can see how deep my hand goes in! I don't see her as fat though...she's just perfect to me!