Cinderella (Cinders)


I've taken so many pictures of Cinders, here's a collection of random shots over the years. There's even a couple of photo-shopped pictures done by my friend Therese Wolmer . We never did make it to the beach, which was one of my dreams...since then I have decided that a photo shopped picture is actually BETTER then actually taking all that mane and tail to the ocean! What a beautiful picture Therese made. Therese also did the Unicorn Christmas card and she also added the sun glasses that turned Cinderella into "Cousin It"! Photo shop is so much fun. And hey, there's the whole family! Our son Colin is holding Indigo and next to him is Randy with Bandero. I'm holding Cinders and our daughter Melissa is up top. Very rare occurrence! Neither of the kids are into horses. There's also one rare shot of Cinders double crested mane. I do believe this is the only shot I have of her mane when it was on both sides of her neck. I think she was about 4 years old in that picture. OK, that's it for now!  I'll try to keep up on her pictures better. Enjoy!