"Cognac", new baby horse!

Artist Kitty Cantrell generously donated this precious baby horse to aid in our rescue of horses, and what better place for a baby horse sculpture to help out then for baby horse rescues! "Cognac" is only a few days old, and that's when "Nursemare foals" are usually taken from their mothers and either rescued, or sent to slaughter. Please check out these special rescues that are working so hard to save these innocent kids. www.lastchancecorral.org   or www.purethoughtshorserescue.com  "Cognac" will only cost $50 plus shipping for an unpainted copy and $15. of each sale will go to one of these rescues. This foal is genderless, but for $5. more I'll make it a colt or a filly! 6 1/2' tall and about 7" long, Cognac is considered "Traditional size" for the model horse hobby.