Deja-Vu, Arabian Gelding by Kathleen Moody

Here he is, folks! The dashing Arabian gelding by Kathleen Moody. Kathleen has reworked the original version of this sculpture which started out as a mare named Serenade. Deja Vu captures the brilliance and exuberance of an amazing Arabian gelding and shown here, painted by artist Jean Barrett, he is absolutely breath taking. Deja Vu is 'traditional sized', hollow cast, and mounts securely into his removable base. $185. for unpainted, plus shipping. Available NOW!

Wow! There is nothing more breath taking then a galloping Arabian in a beautiful native costume. Deja Vu takes over the arena in any costume, and I could have spent the whole day trying costumes on him! This stunning horse was painted by Jean Barrett and she donated her amazing work to the efforts of The International Blessed Broodmare Project to help save PMU horses in Canada. Many many thanks to Jean for this labor of love.