Meet the Dolls from Resins by Randy
Now here's a fun page! As a child, my sister and I played dolls incessantly. But not your 'typical' doll playing! Ours was more 'real-life' and soap-opera like. When my sister grew up and wouldn't play dolls with me anymore, I had Randy make me some children of my own so I could play dolls with them! Colin and Melissa played dolls with me all through their childhood years. Since we lived in a remote area, the kids had few chances for meeting real problematic people, so we enacted real-life situations. I was delighted at their responses and their own creations of characters!
Eventually even my own children out grew me and left me with no one to play dolls with, so now, I create scenarios with my photo-prop dolls on our web site. I hope you enjoy the characters and perhaps you'll see someone you "know"!

Meet our head rider, Liz-Beth. Originally created by Sheri Wirtz, of Rosewood Studios, Liz-Beth is our main trainer here at Resins by Randy. Liz is well schooled in all areas of equine discipline, but specializes in English and dressage. She evaluates all the new horses here, and we value her educated opinions!

Ahh, the lovely Maria! Maria was created by the Harr Girls, but painted by Melissa Buckler. She is strictly Spanish! Married to the wealthy and adoring Senior Sancho, the fiery Maria is pampered and opinionated. She is a professional Salsa dancer/instructor, but works our Iberian horses for us.

And this is Rusty, our Christian Cowgirl! Rusty was created by Nancy Cortes and painted by Melissa Buckler. Rusty is actually a very talented rider, but she lacks confidence in her skills. She especially loves our Arab mares and the mules that come here, and what she lacks in confidence, she makes up for with her faith. She loves all animals and would have a zoo if she could afford it!

Ever wonder how we get these great pictures of all these horses? Meet "Jess", our very own Photographer! Jess was created by Mary Jahnke and painted by Melissa Buckler. Pretty neat bike, eh? Jess is a free-lance photographer and also models in his spare time. What a hunk! I think he has all the girls swooning!

Ah, the infamous Jolene! Jolene was also created by Nancy Cortes and painted by Melissa Buckler. "Mean Jolene" doesn't have much use for a horse unless it's a capable Quarter Horse. She's a professional speed eventer and is practically unbeaten in her field. She helps us with our Western trained horses, especially the stallions. But she thoroughly resents the 'non-Quarter Horses', and she let's us know about it, too!


And here is the Lovely Alicia! Alicia was painted by Melissa Buckler, and she is such a delight to have here at the ranch. She is a model for Victoria's Secret during the day, but she loves to spend her 'off hours' working with our "Indian horses". Alicia's riding skills are very limited so we try to be sure she only rides the gentle guys. She actually IS from the Hopi tribe of Native Americans and seems to possess a natural ability to 'read' certain horses. She and Jess are good friends.