Duffy, American Miniature Horse Stallion, by Trish Forsythe

Here's the amazing Duffy, by Canadian artist, Trish Forsythe at long last! And what a worthwhile wait. This sculpture of a prominent American Miniature Horse stallion is an exquisitely detailed and accurate rendition of one of the most popular breeds of horses in the world. The stature and conformation of this amazing little breed is captured just beautifully by the well known talents of Trish Forsythe. Using the Grand Champion "Dippers Duffy" as a guideline, Trish has brought the model horse hobby one of the most charming Minis we have ever seen. But don't let the word "Mini" fool you! This spectacular piece measures 9" to the tip of his ears, and 12" long. He is truly a "Mighty Mini"!
Duffy will only be a "One mold run", meaning when the mold wears out, a second one will not be made. There will be approximately 60 casts made, and they will be hollow cast. Cost for an unpainted Duffy will be $185,
plus shipping.shipping.
(Shown above, painted by Gina Hall)

Now THERE'S a wind-blown tail for you! Just look at the detail in this lovely tail. This little horse has such beautiful lines. What a perfect little package!



And here's the real "Dippers Duffy", a grand champion Miniature Horse. What a beauty!