Erastus, by Kitty Cantrell and Randy Buckler

Here he is at long last. The amazing Erastus!  My vision for Erastus is that he's a much less 'intense' horse then the original Rastus. Perhaps he's a little older...been there, done that sort of guy. Nothing to prove and yet he's his own man. He's gentle and relaxed but still keenly aware of his surroundings. I imagine him to be a Mustang, or maybe even a domestic horse. Ive had this horse on my mind since we got RASTUS! I kept experimenting on different manes and tails till I got the look in texture that I wanted, and then went all out. Randy gave him those wonderful eyelashes! And he finished out my mane and tail. 

 As you guys know, I'm always trying to save the world...from my tiny corner of the world!   I love to research important spiritual leaders or people from the past. Since I already loved the name Erastus, I did some research on Erastus from the bible. There's very little information about him except that he was a wealthy friend of Paul and he was also a public worker of some sort...maybe a mayor-type person....I don't remember what I read. But what made this man special was that he was not only wealthy, he was also BENEVOLENT and gracious. To show his gratitude for being given the place of 'leader' that he was, he built the very first paved road in the city of Corinth and he used all his own money. Wow. Can you imagine how different things would be if OUR wealthy elected officials built infrastructure with their own money?! So, in his generosity, Erastus was a man after my own heart. It is our hope that Erastus will inspire graciousness and generosity in a world today that so desperately needs it.

 Our Erastus is $165 plus shipping. Overseas OK.

The first 25 orders of Erastus will receive this beautiful 3x4 inch refrigerator magnet! Otherwise $3.50 including postage.