My private collection of Faye Cohen customs

Here are some of the most beautiful horses you will ever set eyes on, and don't worry, none of them are for sale! Faye Cohen is one of the most talented artists in the hobby, and her beautiful work is much sought after. Faye not only paints with breath-taking authenticity, she also hairs her models with meticulous precision. Her art work is a true treasure.

Before The Storm certianly looks "stormy" in that misty dapple rose grey. One of my favorite colors by Faye.

Aramis has always been one of my most favorite horses, and here, Faye has given him SUCH a beautiful and elegant look. Faye even puts perfect little horse shoes on her horses too.


Faye has certainly worked her magic on this incredible dapple rose grey Freedom! He is just stunning, and is one of my all time favorites.

Haggis takes on a completely different demeanor in this lovely bay roan. Very lovely stallion.


Now here is one special horse. This is Naref, originally sculpted by Brigitte Eberl, of Germany. Faye has painted this stallion an amazing shade of metallic, icy blue grey. It's hard to discribe, but it is just gorgeous!



Here's Haggis again, in Fayes trade mark dapple rose grey. There's that bitting rig too, the one with all the buckles! I seldom take it off of this horse! But he sure looks good in it, doesn't he?

Sweet Shania will always have a special place in my heart, and here she is in that icy-blue white color again that is so captivating. There's that neat costume by Jennifer Harris, too.


I know, I know! There's that dapple rose grey again! I can't help it....I just love Fayes greys! This is Mudir, by Kristine Lucas-Francis.


This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful Sergies you will ever see! This is my custom Sergei #5. I have turned his ears back and refined his profile, then Faye worked her magic and painted him a ' metallic, amber champagne and haired him with a blond/red streaked mane and tail. Akhal Teke Extraordinaire!
All I did was flick one ear back and Faye did the rest on this amazing Ramses. I will always treasuer "Fayes Greys"!