I just love all the unique talents in this hobby. Here, you will see some truly unusual and beautiful pieces that are one of a kind, created by some of the unsung heroes of our hobby. While the fantastic paint jobs battle it out in the show ring, these pieces enjoy being an object of adoration in my collection.
Lisa Pisano is one of my favorite "Unsung heroes". While she's very well known for her incredible tack making abilities, I'll bet you didn't know she also makes the most beautiful and realistically flocked horses you'll ever see. She actually makes the flock go with the grain of the hair! Perfect and intricute paint jobs add to the amazing detail on these guys. Here, you see Summer Symphony with a BRAIDED mane and tail, Riata and Calisto, and last, those notorious Liddy Mulies. Aren't they neat?!
Since Aramis is my personal favorite resin, of COURSE I had to have one flocked! Like all the flockies, Lisa gave this horse the most beautiful glass eyes I have ever seen. He is just gorgeous, and her 'hairing technique' is perfect as well. Here, Aramis is wearing that neat Medieval costume by Heather Truddgeon. Last here, is Kalliel, and Lisa even added a feather in his tail to add to his Indian-pony look. She really goes the extra mile on these flockies!
I have always been partial to "Flag things", so when I met Diane Danzo, I had her paint some of our horses in 'Flag". Diane can paint any flag you want, and her work is SUPER professional. Here's my precious Brandy and Shania in a high gloss "Flag" by Diane. The other horse is Aramis, and you'll be seeing Aramis in probably every color imaginable since he's my favorite guy! Here, Shelley Verstuyft has given him her version of "Flag" in a deep metalic blue. He's a special horse with all that shading!
Now THIS is one of my favorite horses! This is Haggis, and he was painted by Nan Wagner. I had Clint Voris give him a thick coat of his DuPont clear that is used for speed boats, and you should SEE the results!! This sparkling beauty looks and feels just like an expensive highly glazed porcelain. He is amazing, and most people think at first glance that he IS a china horse.
And this is Freedom. Freedom was not only high glossed by Clint, he was also PAINTED by him as well. Both Freedom and Haggis enjoy a place of honor sitting out on top of my piano. But they also endure the indignities of being dusted with the common dust cloth and an occaisional rinse in the kitchen sink! Try THAT with an expensive resin or china horse! These two guys are just beautiful.