Freedom~ Traditional Arabian Stallion by Kitty Cantrell.

What a beautiful face! So full of expression! Shown here, painted by Ed Gonzales.

OOOOH! Look at that look! Shown above, painted by Heike Polster of Germany.

Shown here painted a brilliant chestnut sabino by our web mistress, Gina Hall.


The newest sculpture by Kitty Cantrell has hit the runway! This is Freedom, a wonderfully dramatic Arabian Stallion that is just bursting with life. Freedom is a firery Stallion, but he still owns a good and gentle mind. Though he is full with energy and power, he still has a kind eye~a combination hard to capture in a sculpture. Kitty has mastered it beautifully. This lovely horse is a true "traditional sized" piece, and will cost $185. for unpainted,+ $12. shipping. We are still working out the details, but so far it looks like he'll be a 2 mold run and be a solid cast.

Freedom can carry a 'coat of many colors', and he is certainly a 'man of many talents! The Ara-Appaloosa on the left was painted by Kim Burd, and the lucky lady riding him bareback is by Sheri Wirtz, of Rosewood studios. There's that neat bridle by Cyn Phillips of Artocyn again too. The horse in the middle sports a re-sculpted mane by Faye Cohen, and the amazing dapple grey was also painted and haired by Faye. What a versatile guy!

Freedom is now available in BRONZE!! This amazing sculpture is now truly timeless as he is absolutely breath taking in Bronze. Kitty Cantrell is running a VERY limited edition of this "Arabian Stallion" in 3 different patinas. Only 20 pieces will be available, so don't miss out! 3 are already gone. Only $2,500. Contact Kitty at: to order this gorgeous fine art.