Gallery of Custom Rastus
The Hair-Prep Rastus has been one of our most popular resin horses. His attitude and presence has been an inspiration and joy to many collectors and artists. He is capable of being shown as many different breeds, depending on his color and tack and has been very successful in the model horse show ring. Some of the horses shown here are customized by me ( Deb Buckler) and painted by another artist. Others are customized and painted by the same artist. I will continue to add pictures of this amazing horse as they are sent to me.  Because of his "charming" disposition, I have made some fun cards of him that are available  in the "Everything else" section". Enjoy! 

This gorgeous dapple buckskin Rastus was done by Angelica Nelson. I did the mane and tail short so he could be considered a Criollo horse. Just take a look at that attitude! Angelica did such a great job capturing "the look" that is particular horse has become one of my favorite models for photo-shop cards created by me and Therese Wolmer. Be sure and check them out in the "Everything else" section.  

This beautiful and realistic Leopard Appaloosa was customed by me and painted by the famous Kim Burd. He's another that's so realistic, I used him for my cards too. He's a perfect Indian mount. One of my favorites! 
This brilliant boy was painted by non other then Nan Wagner. Nan has a special magic for these metallic dapple bays and I thought Rastus would make a great little Morgan with a long mane and tail and painted by Nan. So far, this is the only one with a super long mane and tail.
Take a look at THIS guy!  Wow!  People are asking..Who's that horse?! This amazing Rastus was done completely by Lisa Shepherd. Hairing and painting. What versatile talent! He is painted a silver dapple, in oils. Lisa shows this guy successfully as a Morgan/Welsh cross and his name is Sirius Lee. Watch for him in the show ring! We're excited to follow his career!
Here's another beauty by Nan Wagner. Nan did the sculpting and painting on this lovely Criollo version. She has such a knack for creating these special colors. What a beautiful face!
Mindy Berg sure enjoyed herself creating this special Rastus!  Mindy actually re-sculpted his face just a little but still captured that attitude! Very beautiful horse that I don't know who owns right now but I'm pretty sure he's in a show ring somewhere. Many thanks to Mindy for sharing her pictures!
I will always treasure Yvonne Steven's work. She's not only a great painter, but she's a great sculptress as well. I did the mane and tail on this guy and Yvonne pulled out all the stops on that paint job!  He's a dapple grulla pinto with all the 'frost' on his mane and tail. Wow! What a beauty!!
And speaking of multi talented artists in this hobby...this amazing Rastus AND his beautiful tack were all made by artist Julie Brooks. Julie customized and painted the horse and she also made the authentic Gaucho tack . Julie calls this Criollo version of Rastus "Bravado" and she will be showing him soon. I can't wait to follow his show carrier. I think he makes a VERY serious contender! What a perfect package.
This gorgeous boy by Sherry Clayton is one of my favorites. I love Sherry's work! I really like having the tail swishing forward like this and we might consider doing this when we do the Erastus version. What a personality in his face!
Kim Burd went all out on my cm Criollo version of Rastus. OMG, just look at this amazing sabino pattern! It had to have taken forever to complete!  This is my own Criollo version of Rastus and while I will not be showing him, I do intend to get all the appropriate tack for him!  Here he is a custom bridle and collar made by none other then Julie Brooks! Eventually I will have a saddle as well, but just look at that gorgeous set!

Kim Burd did this Rastus for herself! He's a lovely boy with a full mane and tail done in that unmistakable breath taking sabino pattern that Kim is so famous for. Lots of detail in her paint jobs!

OK, Here's the horse that really confounded people on Facebook. Alot of folks could not be convinced that this was not a real horse. Juliane Gartska, a multi-talented artist/photographer from Germany dd this horse completely herself. Paint, hairing, and photography. This horse is among her favorite models for her realistic photography and creative stories that accompany her pictures. IfI get any new pictures form Juliane, I will be sure to post them here. What fun!
Wow!  Just look at this lovely golden Palomino Rastus painted by Sherry Clayton and owned by Esther Hacklaender. This beautiful horse is named Lino and I am sure you will be seeing him in a show ring soon!
Here's a bright and flashy guy! This striking Rastus was done by Gail Hilderbrand. What a beauty.
Ooh boy. This is my DREAM Rastus! This magnificent stallion was done by Deb Brown, in England. She painted and did the hairing. I am going to have to have her do one of these for me. I sure love this horse!
This lovely Rastus was customed by Deb, then painted in oils by Kimberly Bleecker. What a beauty!