Before The Storm is as versatile as our timeless Tenorio, and like Tenorio, he is capable of carrying a coat of many colors. This is an almost magical horse and his possibilities are endless! Here are some suggestions for different breeds he can be and links to their websites. Fasten your seat belt, and get ready fior a great ride!

Shown above, painted by Beth Hoffert

Before The Storm makes a great "McCurdy Plantation Horse", and here's a picture of a real one named "Rajun Cajun". Sheryl Leisure painted the blur roan. For more information on 'The amazin' McCurdys', please visit:

Shown above, painted by Myla Pearce

Shown above painted by Sommer Prosser
Storm was originally intended as a Kentucky Mountian or Rocky Mountian Horse. To learn more about these two naturally smooth-gaited horses, please visit or                  

Shown above, painted by Lynn Arnold

Shown above painted by Sheryl leisure, tack by Broken Arrow Studios
The Mangalarga Marchador is a fascinating gaited horse from Brazil that is gaining popularity here in the states. To learn more about the Mangalarga, please visit  

Shown above painted by Kim Swanson of Kesstudios

Shown above painted by Kim Burd
There are several gaited spotted horse registries that a spotted Before the Storm could belong to. The Tiger Horse Association is at and the Leopard Horse can be seen at He also makes a great Walkaloosa or Spotted Saddle horse.                

Shown above painted by Sommer Prosser

Shown above painted by Nan Wagner
Storm makes a great Morgan in almost any color. Here is a GREAT Morgan site for some ideas: He also makes a great Andalusian or Iberian Horse too.               




Look what artist Yvonne Davy has done with Before The Storm! She has made him into one rogue Mustang stallion you wouldn't want to mess with! What an amazing transformation! Yvonne has given our boy a little more Roman profile and turned back his ears. What a look! She also lowered his tail added feathering to his legs, and gave him amazingly detailed chipped hooves. WOW! She also added an authentic freeze brand that indicates this Mustang came from the state of Montana. This amazing guy is lovingly in my collection forever, but Yvonne could do another if you wanted one!


Here is another custom Storm...this one is done by Myla Pearce. His name is Fairbanks and he is a multi grand champion. Myla gave our boy a braided mane and tail, and what a difference it made in his presence. he is just stunning!




I finally finished my OWN custom Before The Storm! This is #1, and since Randy used his own horse, "Red Hawk" for much of the sculpting, I had artist Chris Nandell paint this horse in his likeness. Didn't she do an amazing job?! It inspired me to do another custom Storm sometime!