Sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, customised by Deb Buckler and painted by various artists.


This is "Peace", my first custom 'Freedom-mare'. Peace was painted by Gudrun Schmitt, of Germany.

  This is "Flame". Flame is my second custom Freedom-mare, and she is painted by Beth Hoffert. What a 'hot' horse! She's my 'Lady in Red'!


This is "Sasha", my third Freedom mare custom. What an attitude this mare has! She was one of my favorites. Sasha was painted by Janis Whitcomb and she is now owned by Peggy Talbot.

THIS is "My Funny Valentine" Valentine is my 4th custom, and she was painted by Kim Swanson. I adore this little horse! What a sweet little mare!
Well, here she is! Here's my custom Freedom-Mare #5. This is "Fantastic Flame", and she has been painted by Karen Bartholomew. Karen sure made her a fire-breathing dragon! This is a stunning horse, and that stunning costume was made by Heather Downing.


Wow. Is this beautiful, or WHAT! This is Freedom #6, and SHE has been painted by Jean Barrett. I love making Freedom into a mare, and just look at the attitude Jean has given her! What amazing detail too. I have always loved Jeans work.