Sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, customised by Deb Buckler and painted by various artists.


This is my first Haggis custom. He is a mighty stallion, with his ears turned back. Gina Hall has painted him for me, and she did such a beautiful job!
This is Haggis custom #2. This lovely stallion was painted by Gina Hall, also. Gina painted this horse to the likeness of the famous Gypsy Vanner, "The Road Sweeper" (recognise him?!) for his owner, Randi Kohen.
I was feeling really brave when I tackled Haggis #3! He was a TON of work! But when Stephanie Michaud brought him to life with her hand painted oils and this amazingly detailed sabino paint job, suddenly all my efforts were worth it. This is a breath taking piece!

This is custom #4, and SHE is the first Haggis I made into a MARE! My first "Lady Gwendolyn". This elegant lady is painted by Kate Schick and owned by Randi Kohen and she is a grand champion.

Here is Haggis custom #5, my own beautiful Lady Gwendolyn painted by Deb Loveless. This is a spectacular horse...the detail Deb put into her is absolutely breathtaking!
Here's Haggis custom #6, another mare. This beautiful girl was painted by Janice Flynn and she's owned by Susie Neal. What a neat color!

Last but not least is custom #7, my beautiful "Heather of the Highlands". Heather is a happy, frolicking Clydesdale mare painted by Nan Wagner. Heather now belongs to d'Arci Birch


Haggis #8 is one of my most dramatic boys, painted by Cindy Williams in a dappled golden brown. What a gorgeous guy!


Here's Haggis custom #9 in primer. I can't wait to see him painted!