Welcome to one of my favorite pages! Here, you will see many different horses I, Deb Buckler, have customized in some way, and have had painted by some of the most talented artists available. These are my "fun guys"...sometimes resins, sometimes plastics, but always beautiful! I can't thank these painting artists enough for making my horses look so wonderful.
Shania will always have a place in my heart, and especially now that she's discontinued. Here, I have made That sweet Shania into a spirited Gelding! New mane and tail, and ears pinned back, this guy is fiercely competitive. He was painted by Kathy Mckenzie, and both of the beautiful Arabian costumes were made by Linda Clark. That neat race set was made by Suzanne Adams, of Los Molinos, Calif. This lovely horse now belongs to Barbara Ward.

Like alot of you, my very favorite Breyer horse is the "ASB Clock horse". I love putting a new mane and tail on this handsome guy! Here are 3 of my works, the horse with the Indian was painted by Kathy Mckenzie, and the other one was painted by Gina Hall. The one in white primer will also be painted by Gina soon!
This is actually my very first custom! This was before I learned 'less is better'! That's alot of mane and tail! But Keri Sue Anderson did SUCH a gorgeous paint job on her, this Shania is still one of my favorites.
Now this is a neat horse. This is the old Kathleen Moody "Infinity". I put her ears forward, and of course re-did the mane and tail. She was painted by Kimberly Harvey and is now owned by Denise Banville. This horse had incredibly realistic Appaloosa detail.