Welcome to page 2 of my customs! This is just way too much fun, and I am so thankful for all the wonderful artists who have blessed my creations with their talented painting abilities. Enjoy your cruise!

I think Brigand makes a great Pegasus. He just seems to be flying! Those wondrous wings were sculpted by Randy , and we cast them, so I'll be making more Pegasus's, you can be sure. This is my first Brigand-Pegasus, and he has gone to live with Norma Hollo in Colorado.

This is "Maximus", a Sport Horse sculpted by Tiffany Hoffman. "Max" originally had a close, braided mane, but his owner, Sherre Tuley requested a more flowing one. What a neat horse.

Here's Brigand custom #2. I really love working with this horse! He has such a beautiful face. This one was painted by Sherry Clayton to a bay blanket Appaloosa. I have plans to create 4 of these Brigands, painted in different Appaloosas by different artists, for a 4-up hitch to a stage coach I have. I'll keep you posted! 
Here is Brigand #3. He's painted by Kim Burd, and what a beauty!
These boys are just beautiful together! I am enjoying this project so much! Here's a shot of them with that coach......
I'm getting there! Custom Brigand #3 is about finished and will be sent to be painted soon. Lauren Islip, of the UK is making the harness for all these guys. I think the two lead horses will have their ears up....and I may need to make smaller, flatter bases as well.


Here's my Breyer ASB custom #3, finished up in a gorgeous dark bay by Gina Hall. What a proud and stately horse originally sculpted by Kathleen Moody. Absolutely my favorite Breyer.



This is Maximum Velocity, by Chris Jolly. I have given him a flowing mane and tail and artist Sheri Clayton painted him that amazing Appaloosa. What a beautiful horse!