Welcome to page 3 of my customs. Enjoy your cruise! Once again, I am forever thankful to the artists who have painted my custom horses so beautifully and to the original sculpting artists who allow me to "play" with their horses! I guess I will never grow up...but then...isn't that why we're in this hobby?!
Here is my first Calliope customized into a grumpy old Mustang mare! You can see what Calliope originally looks like from the lovely Appy above, painted by Sheryl Leisure. I took Calliope and removed her long ears and gave her scruffy little horse ears. I also gave her scruffy, feathers and cracked hooves. She has a long, tangled mane and tail, and while I DID smooth out the Roman profile just a little, she still retains much of her coarse, Spanish look. Sherry Clayton gave her that fantastic paint job, and those beautiful pictures with the neat backdrop are also hers. I am so happy with how this horse turned out, I think I might have to do a few more!

And this is my Calliope custom Mustang #2. What a beautiful grumpy horse! She is painted a stunning dappled buckskin by Gina Hall.
Hubert and Leo certainly take on a different personality with some custom scruffy manes! Here, they are painted by Penn Youngman, of Y-Knot Ranch. I just love these silly mules!  


Here is my latest creation. This is a Crusher, that I have added a mane and tail to and Cindy Williams has painted. Is he a beauty, or what! And that knight by Sheri Wirtz is pretty cool too!  


This is the first Rembrandt I've 'customized'. Rembrandt is such a neat horse, there wasn't much I could change, so I gave him a little longer mane and a longer swishy tail. This handsome boy was painted by Cindy Williams, and what a beauty he is!