Are you still here? Thanks for continuing to see all my custom horses! I have been so blessed that some of the best model horse painters in the world have found my work worthy of their paint jobs. They have truly made my horses come to life. Many many thanks for them all!

One of the most loved model Horse artists in the hobby has to be Deb Loveless. Just look at the detail she has put into my customed Rembrandt.  He is one of my favorite horses. I would LOVE to have a real horse like this!

Metolious has to be one of my most favorite horses. Though Sue Sifton originally sculpted him to be a Friesian, He can be painted to be any number of different breeds. With this one, I have laid his ears back and given him a huge flowing tail. Just look at the expression artist Sheryl Leisure has given him! Is he nervous? Angry? Anyone's guess, but he sure is beautiful!



Balewou is a dramatic horse to begin with, but when I laid his ears back and gave him a wild mane and tail and then artist Sherry Clayton gave him that dazzling paint job, the result is a horse that is unforgettable. There's a chance we might cast this horse due to popular demand!

All I did was  sculpt a flipped tail for Rabbani and then let Kim Burd work her magic! Oh my goodness what an amazing horse!  I still can't stop looking at him. 

This is the first Gaucho I have customized. I gave him a long mane and tail and Kim Burd turned him into a sweet facer P.O.A. What a beautiful boy!
Now here's a real Indian-looking pony!  This is Gaucho CM# 2 and he's been painted by Julie Pritchard. What a beautiful pony! Julie does such wonderful work.
Gaucho is rapidly becoming one of my most favorite horses to customize!  He's so easy! Number 3 has his ears back, and a wind-blown mane and tail. I think he'd look great in a buckskin...
Damiana is a DARLING little horse anyway, but I changed her tail to be flowing straight back and made her mane flatter. And just LOOK at that paint job by Kim Burd! Wow!
Timepiece sure underwent alot of changes on this one! New mane and new tail, plus his ears are back!  Add to all that, Gina Hall has given him a very fitting exciting buckskin pinto paint job!