Welcome to my special custom Ramses page! Carol Howard originally sculpted Ramses for our line, and he is just a lovely horse to work with. Here are some of my latest creations! Enjoy your cruise!


Here is my first custom Ramses. Kim Burd gave him such a sweet, soft expression, I almost wish I would have made him into a her! What a beautiful guy. The red costume on the left was made by Heather Downing, and the elaborate one on the right~Yes, there IS a horse under all that!~ was made by Sue Glandon, of Wyndchaser Designs. Sue calls this costume 'Mirage'. 
And here is Ramses custom #2! What a handsome stud! This stunning dapple grey was painted by Myla Pearce, and he now lives with Lonna Jirousek where he has become a grand champion. It was hard to let this guy go!