While Kitty originally sculpted Sergei as an Akhal Teke, I find this horse to be so versatile and SO easy to work on. Just a flick of an ear and what a change in his expression! He makes a wonderful Nez Perce Appaloosa/Teke cross as well as a young Thoroughbred.
Enjoy your cruise through these customs of mine, and many heart-felt thanks to the artists who have made them come alive with their beautiful paint jobs.

This is my first custom Sergei. I only gave him a new mane and tail, but Cindy Williams paint job really made him a special horse. I haven't named him yet...he is simply my 'dark horse'.

Sergei #2 was just a joy to do, and he turned out so kind-looking, I almost wish I would have made him a mare! Nan Wagner has given him that beautiful golden metallic palomino coat, so prevalent in the Akhal Teke breed.
This handsome fellow has now gone to live with Heli Kolehmainen in Germany.

Is this guy gorgeous, or what!! This is number 3, and he was painted a stunning Nez-Perce Appaloosa by Gina Hall. He has the most beautiful expression. This lovely horse now lives with Janet Vernon, in Oregon.


This is Sergei #4. I have given him one flicked ear and a full wind blown mane and tail. Kim Burd has given him a stunning Appaloosa coat, and I think he makes a beautiful Ara-Appaloosa! One of my absolute favorites!

Sergei #5 has his ears turned back, and he has been painted and haired by the master, Faye Cohen. What a beauty! You can see more of this guy in the Faye Cohen gallery.

Ah, my beautiful Sergei custom #6. Once again, I turned his ears back but this time I gave him a flowing wind-blown mane and tail. And just look at how beautifully Gina Hall has painted him! What a perfect Akhal Teke.


WOW! Sherry Clayton sure did a beautiful paint job on Sergei custom #7! This guy is absolutely fantastic!

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