Ah the many faces of Sergei! #8 is actually a MARE! And what a docile girl, shown here, painted by the legendary Billie Campbell. This is the only long tailed version I have done.

Since Sergei IS such a gentle looking horse, #9 became a mare as well. Shown here painted a bay and white pinto by Gudrun Schmitt, she is a bright and charming filly.

Sergei #10 was a special order for Sue Peet. This guy is now at Billie Campbell's house preparing to become an amazing Nez-Pearce horse. I can't WAIT to see him finished!


Sergei #11 is still a stallion and he has one ear flicked back. Jean Barrett gave him such a beautiful star-dappled coat, I think he makes a perfect Orlov Trotter. What a shimmering beauty!

Sergei #12 had to be a special horse since he was specially made for a special person. This Lovely Sergei-Mare was created for Susie Neal and painted by Kim Burd. What a breath-taking beauty! Pictures by Kim Burd.