a draft horse stallion by Kitty Cantrell 

Shown above painted by Kim Swanson

Shown here, painted by Jamie Coughlin

Here is one POWERFUL Drafter!
Now don't let his awful name scare you....Kitty and Doug named him this just to blow me up (it worked!) Indeed, Kitty says one must be brave to ride Haggis, as one would have had to have been brave to partake in the Scottish dish of Haggis.

Hey....we've always heard that if 'life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. Well....if life gives you entrails, make Haggis!

Haggis is a 'large traditional' size, and is hollow cast with steel reinforced legs. He is wondrous in his presence~ absolutely Kitty Cantrell at her best. This Lovely stallion costs $185. for unpainted, + $10. for shipping. Limited 2 mold run, approx 110 pieces.

This is my Haggis painted and haired by Faye Cohen. He is positively the most beautiful horse I have ever owned. Thanks Faye!

Look at what magic Chris Jolly has worked with this Haggis! I have always loved Chris' customs and her work here is spectacular. WOW!