Highflyer, Standardbred Pacer by Tracie Caller



Here he is folks! The long awaited for Standardbred Pacer, "Highflyer" by Tracie Caller. Tracie is one of the most talented artists in the model horse community and her work is highly sought after. Nominated to represent the R.E.S.S. organization with her amazing sculptures in the past, we are very honored to have her newest and most dramatic sculpture ever in our exclusive line. Tracies knowledge of equine anatomy is evident in this breath taking and realistic piece. Highflyer is a traditional sized gelding, who mounts on his removable 'track-like' base. He is hollow cast, with our usual meticulous attention to detail and with steel reinforced legs and tail. This is an exciting piece, and Tracie has captured his presence and power just beautifully.
The lovely bay you see painted here was painted in oils by hand, by artist Chris Nandell. Want to see more of Chris's beautiful work? check out her site at
Highflyer will probably be a 'one mold run'. He costs $185. for unpainted plus $10. shipping inside the US.

Pacers are amazing horses that are sometimes in danger! Check out these sites for some Standardbred Rescues: