Indigo Blue



In November of 2006, we adopted a lovely baby horse from a Premarin farm in Canada, through the Animali Farm in Santa Maria. "Indigo Blue", as we named him, was the offspring of Buster, on the right, a Brabant Belgian, and Diana, on the left, a 1/2 Clydesdale, 1/2 Norwegian Fjord mare. He has been the delight of our life, and we are pleased to share his progress with you! Many thanks to Cheryl and Jennifer of the Animali Farm, and my sister Terrie for helping to bring Indigo into our life!

Here's a picture of Indigo with his lovely mother in Canada. Diana was a mare on a Premarin farm and had several offspring by Buster. Next to that is how Indigo looked at 3 months when I adopted him off the Animali site


Indigo arrived in late November. He was muddy and wild and looked nothing like the baby on the web site! We couldn't get near him and it was hard to tell then, who was more afraid of who! He would crash into the fence or try to dig under it whenever we came near. We enlisted the aid of a well respected Pat Parelli trainer here, named Debbie Sweet, and she showed us some great techniques for making friends with our wild baby. We also spent hours just sitting together in his pen, weather permitting, just reading to each other. Eventually, the stinky little horse would come up and let us touch him. Imagine our joy when we were finally able to get that halter on him!


During the winter, Indigo was an obscure charcoal-grey color. But in March, he almost suddenly turned a buttery buckskin color. His tail was hopelessly stained, but I was pretty sure it was supposed to be white. I can't wait to wash that tail! This color lasted only a month, and then, in April, he turned a snowy white with black points! Except for that yellow tail! It was a beautiful, 'bunny-soft' coat and I would have been fine if he stayed this color forever. He has become my bestest friend by now and will come to me when I call him. I can handle his feet and brush him all over and lead him around. He moves away from me now with just a little pressure. He's so quiet, but boy does he love to run in his corral.


It's June now and just LOOK at how big he's getting! Not to mention yet another complete coat color change! He is as slick as can be now and this color is like nothing I have ever seen. I would call it a "Silver Blue Roan" since he actually has an almost platinum, metallic sheen to it. I wish my camera could capture that golden color around the backs of his front legs and flanks. He is extremely loving and tolerant and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. He will follow us all around and just loves it when Randy will show him some special affection. I'm starting to get that tail lightened up a little now.


Happy birthday, Indigo Blue! Indigo turned one year old in July. Since I don't know his exact date, I set his birthday on Randy's, which is the 14th. We had a great celebration, complete with carrot "cake", party hats, horns and ribbons! He loved every bit of it too! I have not found one thing that really bothers this colt yet. He now lunges and changes direction easily, ground drives and has had several baths. I almost have that tail white! But once again, he has changed colors and THIS time, he is a true silver blue roan with a dorsal stripe and odd "dapples" that are more of a pattern of some sort. That's our son, Colin holding him, and I am always so happy to see how absolutely trusting Indigo is of every human he meets. When I remember how wild he was when we first got him, seeing this total trust of strangers is just amazing.

Come fall and winter, Indigo has once again donned a thick charcoal grey suit. He is truly a big fuzzy teddy bear! That's my mother, who is 90 and almost blind, but she loves "the baby horse" and always wants to pet him. For a yearling, he is very quiet and gentle around her, even when she's bumping him with her walker or pulling on his mane. This has to be the kindest, most gentle horse I have ever owned. March sees our boy getting ready to turn white again! It was during this month that Indigo suddenly decide to jump out of his corral and cleared a four foot fence with ease. Probably not a good thing right now! We raised the hot wire and we haven't had any more 'escapes'. But he does seem to love to jump and will easily jump over barrels (lying down) in the arena. I wonder if he'll be a jumper?




Can anyone say "gorgeous"?! It's now April of 07 and my sweet boy is white again! I scramble up on his back from time to time and scratch him under that profuse mane and pull his head around so he can sniff my boot (he usually wants to take a bite out of it!) and I grab his ears. Never bothers him a bit! We got him a new toy, the "Buddy Bopper" which is like a giant punching bag thing. He gets so involved with this toy he almost sits on it! I am trying to get a picture of THAT! It is super funny. He has alot of toys and balls in his run. But one of the things I love most about Indigo is that he keeps his stall clean! Now THAT is an 'easy keeper'!





It's May and June and I can't believe how big my baby horse is getting. I can't believe he's going to be 2 years old next month! It's been quite hot here...102 lots of times and Indigo gets so hot I keep the misters going in his stall doorway all day. He gets lots of baths, too! He smells so sweet and I nearly have that tail white now. He's so unusual, with his black mane and white tail...remember how BROWN that tail was when we first got him? Training is going well...mainly just ground driving and play time. He seems to love just hanging around with us and is SO trusting! It is wonderful to see such innocence in an animal....this colt really seems to believe the world is a wondrous place and nothing means him any harm. Can you tell we adore this guy?!





Happy Birthday, Indigo! Here's our little hero at 2 years old. Of all the coat color changes he does throughout the year, I have to say his summer coat is my favorite. This is when he's that silvery-platinum blue roan that is so slick, I just 'dust' him off. It is way beautiful! Lately I have been walking Indigo over to my sisters Quarter horse ranch down the road so he can visit her horses. He and I love to go "exploring" all over so he can experiance as many different things as possible. Indigo hates to leave my sisters busy ranch and all the exciting horses and usually has a temper tantrum on the way back home. He's a little over 15 hands now and I am very timid, but I never feel he's out of control. Fortunately he "minds" readily and never makes me feel afraid. He DOES make the oddest sounds though! He doesn't whinny or nicker like a horse normally would...rather it's a 'squeeling' sound much like a mule makes. He DOES have a mule for a neighbor, so I hope he isn't 'confused'! It's really pretty funny.....



Huff! Grunt! It was hard to drag my fat old body up on a 15 hand basically untrained draft colt! But Indigo stood there quietly and tolerated my nonsense until I was safely on his back. And then. with just a little cluck, we rode down the driveway! No big deal!





August and September were busy months. I started taking Indigo down to my sisters house where she could work with him in an arena like a "real horse". He loves being at at her big exciting ranch. Running loose in that big arena, he did not avoid obstacles, he jumped over them! He really seems to want to jump. I suppose I will have to look into that at some point. I was so amused at his desire to jump in and out of the trailer! He's never been in a trailer, like this and yet he walked right in and backed straight out. Over and over. Of course, there's always lots of FOOD in the 'horse-box'! My sister, Terrie, works with Quarter Horses and is a professional barrel racer, so she had the confidence I lack to be relaxed and assertive with some of Indigos first rides. He never raised a fuss and seemed almost proud to be a "big Boy". He isn't in full training of course! Just a little here and there, and always fun.



October has to be one of the most exciting months of all. Here, Indigo is being visited by renowned horse sculptress, Sue Sifton. Sue will work with Randy on the sculpting of a model of Indigo, and you can bet we're excited about that! Sue is one of the best horse artists there are and she will capture an exact replica of a tiny Indigo! We'll keep you posted on the progress! Yeah!





Along with Autumn, comes Halloween, and along with Halloween comes 'dressing up'! When Indigo told us he wanted to be a "Haunted Horse" for Halloween, we weren't quite sure how to make that happen. But I found a lovely huge cape with a giant hood, a skeleton, a freaky cat, claw feet and "chain" reins and we were good to go. We cut holes in the hood for his ears and eyes, but it wouldn't fit right so he could never see out of it. He had to keep bumping my arm with his nose to be sure where I was when I was leading him! Those claw feet are actually plastic claw gloves that we simply tied on his legs. The skeleton is way cool in that he can be positioned to hold the reins! And the "chain reins" are only plastic, of course! But they look pretty real in the picture. Indigo loves to be 'fussed' over, so he doesn't care what we pile on him. You should have SEEN the other horses though!

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