Come winter time, Indigo returns to his "Cave-Pony" status. He turns such a strange color, I don't know what to call it. Black? Brown? Mud? Not my favorite of his 'coat of many colors'!  For Christmas, 07, we got a neat "Draft Patrol Saddle". It is SO comfortable. We were trying to make a Christmas card photo with Indigo dressed in Christmas decorations, but it didn't really turn out...HE sure had a good time though!

During the winter months, I got to ride Indigo around a little bit. I LOVE that saddle!  I sure wish I could give him a bath, but he's way too wooly and it's too cold. Indigo has a wonderful sense of humor, and I can tell him to "Get it!" and he will paw whatever I point to.  He loved helping me knock down that dirt pile!

Nothing like getting a brand new horse every four months! Here's my champion in the spring of 08. Isn't that amazing?  White with a black mane and points....he is SO pretty. And by the end of winter, he had demolished that pile of dirt, too!  The bottom pictures were taken in June of 08 and he's getting that wonderful platinum blue roan color again. Oh...and take a look at that tail NOW!


When Indigo turned 3 in July of '08,  we sent him for 30 days training with our niece, Charity, who professionally starts Quarter Horses. Indigo was a completely different animal for her! But she was impressed by how smart he was and almost 'intuitive'. He learned quickly and retained what he learned.  Charity did all the basics with him and rode him in the Salinas river and also down town in her little town of Creston Calif.  She is a confident rider so she was able to make Indigo feel secure as well. He got a lot of experience trailering and being around other horses and situations he'd never been in before.  I missed him terribly, but Charity trailered him back to me a couple times for a weekend visit!


One of the best things Charity did with Indigo during his 30 days with her, was to expose him to cows! She took him team-penning one evening, and he had a ball. By the end of the event, Indigo was starting to understand to concept of running after the cows and even surprised Charity with a couple of independent "cutting horse" moves of his own! For a horse with absolutely no "cow sense" bred into him, he did amazingly well with figuring out that the cows were things that needed to be herded around. Other folks were full of questions as to what this big horse was, and you can be sure I was happy to tell them he was originally a lowly PMU baby destined for slaughter. It raised a few eyebrows there, I can tell you!


When Indigo came home in August, he had grown up alot. He was so glad to have his nice sweet stall back!  But remember when artist Sue Sifton visited him several months ago? Sue returned in August and stayed with us for a week to finish the sculpture.  She spent hours capturing various unique things that make Indigo who he is. I was so amused that she discovered his funny "smile" that he does! It was fascinating to watch her work and immortalize our boy in clay.  The sculpture is finished and it turned out a beautiful likeness of Indigo. It is now cast in resin and I'll have some painted copies up here soon.

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