I have to admit, we didn't do alot with Indigo this past winter. Just a little play here and there....that picture of me and Liz Strauss with Indigo was taken during some wind and light rain! And cold, too! I don't think Indigo appreciated being dragged out of his nice warm stall for a photo-shoot! I am so thankful Indigo is such a 'neat-freak' and keeps his double-wide stall totally clean. I love seeing him all covered with shavings, clean and warm while the wind and rain carry on outside. He has a very large run and does his business far far away from his stall. Such a smart boy.

Ahh! Spring at last! It's 2009 now, and just look how filled out Indigo is getting! He's still only 15.3 hands and he'll be four in July, so he might not get much taller. I am told his father, Buster, is only 15.3 and his mother Diana was only 15.2. I'm fine with this! He's a great size and he's getting 'deeper' and wider as well. I'm working him in the arena a little to get him tuned up and he doesn't seem so bucky lately. That's good! And just look at that wonderful white coat! Isn't that amazing? It only lasts a little over a month, but it is so pretty, I try to get lots of pictures before he sheds it all out.

And speaking of Diana and Buster....remember Buster got adopted by a family in Wisconsin. He has gone on to sire another colt and has been a great 'all-round' horse on their farm. They are so pleased with his disposition. That's him hitched with a Percheron mare, being driven. Looks cold there! I am so thankful he was rescued from that PMU farm....stallions are, naturally, that hardest to place.  And of course, below the pictures of Buster are a couple shots of Indigo's sweet Mom, Diana, who died shortly after giving birth to his last full brother, "Pharaoh".  Diana is 1/2 Clydesdale, and 1/2 Fjord and the Fjord breeding sure showed up in Pharaoh, didn't it!  I'll try to get some more news about Pharaoh when I can.


These pictures are from March of 09 to May of 09. I finally got a helmet due to encouragement from my loving friends and family! I highly recommend wearing a helmet when riding any horse....it only takes once to fall off and bonk your head!  I'm 56 now and never wore a helmet in my life, but I have to admit I feel an increased sense of courage with the helmet on and that's a great thing for me!
Since I'm feeling a little braver, I am being a little more assertive with Indigo. Since I'm an insecure rider, I've always held him back, so now he's reluctant to move out at the trot. He will "chug", very slowly , which is comfortable and impressive to watch, but at a faster speed, he's not as accomplished. When he was in training at Charity's house, she cantered him all over. But I haven't attempted that yet! Perhaps I will now with my new hat! Indigo will be four years old in July, and he seems to be growing wider then taller. Since he IS 1/3 Fjord, I'm guessing he won't get real tall.


In July, Indigo turned four. He's really growing up fast. He seems like such an "old soul" type of horse...very thoughtful and quiet. No more baby stuff, not even much bucking in the pasture when he's running loose. He just wants to go out for a ride and go exploring. THAT is his favorite thing to do. He loves carrying his human around, so he's quite patient with me when I try to get on. Hey, take a look at the resin cast Indigo!  The one on the left was painted by Gina Hall, and the one on the right was painted by Sheryl Leisure. Soon, I will have some portrait models of him painted. But what a beautiful sculpture that looks like Indigo no matter WHAT color he is!


Hey take a look at this! This is the resin model of Indigo painted to his likeness by artist Sherry Clayton. VERY cool, eh?  I think she did a great job capturing our boy AND his attitude!  Indigo has a 'coat of many colors', depending on the time of year, and Sherry seems to have chosen the summer coat. Look how dark he is in January!
Winter of 2009-2010 was fairly uneventful I didn't ride much. In July, though, Indigo turned 5 years old. I sent him to our favorite trainer, a young man named Logan Beers, who worked with Indigo for one month.  Indigo is a "one person horse", and I feel it's important for him to learn that he can trust other humans to tell him what to do. Logan did basic ranch type work with Indigo...neck reining, climbing hills, just basics. Indigo did OK but he was not happy. He had grown up a bit when he came home, but he is at his best when he's just carrying me around on his back. I have a very hard time getting his saddle to stay on straight since he's so....."round"......
I'm so glad Indigo is so patient with me. He will put his head down low so I can put his bridle on and he stands still while I scramble and scramble to get on. His breeding is 1/2 Brabant, 1/4 Clydesdale, and 1/4 Fjord. but I will have to say he seems to take more from the Fjord blood. He's only about 15.2 hands, and very much MY horse. He will do anything for me but possibly not so much for others. I know he is bored just jogging around with me....he would love to learn some tricks. That is what he REALLY wants to do. He's a "thinking" horse....or like my niece Charity says..."He's a Narnia Horse".  He sees no use in exercising for the sake of exercising...work is fine as long as there's a purpose he can understand.  I can understand that!