Indigo Blue~ PMU gelding by Sue Sifton


Here he is at long last!  The inspiration behind The International Blessed Broodmare Project. This is Indigo, our PMU baby we adopted 3 years ago and rescued from a slaughter house in Canada. Artist Sue Sifton was chosen to sculpt this famous horse because of her ability to capture the true individual character of a horse in her sculptures. Sue has done an AMAZING job in bringing this special horse to us in a miniature form. This is what Indigo really looks like. From his tufted- fetlocks, to his silly 'smile', Sue didn't miss a single detail in his make up. She stayed here with us for nearly a week measuring Indigo and studying him to make sure she caught everything. And can have a little Indigo for yourself! The sculpture it considered "traditional sized" but he's perhaps a hair taller. He's hollow cast and cost's $185. for an unpainted cast plus shipping. We'll have painted copies available from time to time.
Horses above painted by the following artists: Sheryl Leisure (Grulla), Gina Hall (Buckskin), Kim Burd (Leopard Appaloosa)


Indigo has an interesting heritage. He was born on a PMU farm in Canada and was considered a 'by-product' or the PMU industry. Had he not been rescued, he would have gone to slaughter. His father, Buster, pictures on the upper left, is an old-time Brabant Belgian. Buster got rescued and is safe in Wisconsin. His mother, Diana, pictures on the right, is 1/2 Clydesdale, 1/2 Norwegian Fjord. What a cross! This sweet mare did get rescued and had one more colt, a full brother to Indigo, then she died from colic. On the lower left is how Indigo looked when we first adopted him in November of '05. And next to that is Deb with Indigo in Oct. of 08. Please see Indigo's page on this site for his full, wonderful story!

Sue Sifton graciously spent several days here getting to know Indigo personally. Unlike many sculptures that are done from pictures in a book, this one is sculpted from the real McCoy!  Hours and hours were spent measuring and sculpting. Indigo subtly expresses all his ancestors...the Clydesdale, Belgian, and Fjord, and Sue captured the entire package. This is a heartwarming horse, not just because he is our special horse, but because of the inspiration he as encouraged. Many many PMU horses have been rescued and placed safely in loving, forever homes because of The International Blessed Broodmare Project. Please take time to go visit that site and meet some of the amazing horses that were allowed to live. It is our hope that this little resin cast horse will  go on to inspire folks to help horses in need work wide.