3 New Stablemates by Linda York~ Calisto, Riata, and Tango.

You only need to know two words when it comes to great Stablemates: "Linda", and "York". Linda York, long time popular model horse sculptor, has blessed us with 3 new wonderful little horses for our line. Though only about 2 1/2 inches high, these tiny horses are packed with detail. This is a very limited run...only 1 mold, so probably only 50 pieces in all. Don't miss out on these neat guys! Above is "Calisto", a Spanish stallion. He costs $50. for unpainted, which includes shipping inside the US. The mare and foal, shown below, are Riata (mare), and Tango (foal) They sell for $65. together as a set, which also includes shipping.
This is the lovely Riata and her tiny baby Tango. They are of Spanish Mustang heritage, and Linda York has captured a beautiful stance for them. Riata is the essence of motherhood with her detailed full udder, and spindly little Tango is the epitomy of a newborn foal struggeling to keep all four feet on the ground. These two go together as a set only. $65. for unpainted, and that includes shipping.