Dolly and Lilly Llama by Kolleen Gouyton


What a treat when artist Kolleen Gouyton from Alaska takes the time to hand paint our adorable llamas for us!  Here's Dolly (the momma) and Lilly(the baby) in a beautiful and eye-catching color, just waiting to become someones cherished pair. Not many of these Llamas around, and this particular pair has done quite a bit of traveling to get here! Kolleen has done a great job on these two...alot of depth and shading that I just wasn't able to capture with my camera.  $150. for Dolly, $75. for Lilly plus shipping. Buy them both and I'll cover the shipping inside the US!

Here's some more pictures of those beautiful Llamas by Kolleen Gouyton. Sorry they are so bad! This pair has beautiful highlights and deep shading in their highly detailed wooly coats. Janet Edington sure did a wonderful job sculpting them, didn't she!
Here's some more beautiful pictures of these Llama's by Kollean.  What a realistic setting! Thanks for sending these, Kollean!