Dolly Llamas and Lilly Llamas by Gina Hall and Lisa Bickford.

When artist Janet Edington sculpted these beautiful Llamas for the model horse hobby, I had no idea they would look this beautiful and life-like when painted. The above "Dolly Llama" was painted by Gina Hall, and she's available for only $150 plus shipping.

What could be nore precious then a little resting baby Llama?! This Lilly Llama was painted by Gina Hall, to match her mother shown above. Lilly Llama~ $75 plus shipping.
Artist Lisa Bickford actually raised Llamas and she was able to capture a beautiful and realistic pattern in this stately beauty. $150 plus shipping.
Baby Lilly Llama is just adorable in this soft chocolate brown color! Lisa Bickford did such a lovely job on her~The Llamas by Lisa Bickford are sold
And here's the lovely ladies with their sweet babies. Janet Edington did an amazing job capturing the proud attitude of these wonderous Llamas and Gina Hall and Lisa Bickford sure captured realistic coat patterns as well. Buy a Momma and her baby together and recieve free shipping!