Tenorio~Traditional Iberian Stallion, by Kristina Lucas~Francis.

Shown above, painted by Caroline Boydeston. Tack by "Jade", of Magic Works Miniatures.

Shown above, painted by Julie Kuiper

An absolutely stunning Andalusian by the multi-talented artist, Kristina Lucas-Francis. This beautiful Iberian stallion is outstanding in his presence and correctness. he has been critiqued by the top model horse artists and is a SERIOUS competitor in the show ring. Kristina is well known for creating some of the most sought after resins available and many consider Tenorio to be one of her very best.
Tenorio is hollow-cast and is removable from his highly detailed base. He is traditional sized and costs $200 unpainted + $10 for shipping and handling.

Shown above, painted by Julie Kuiper

Shown above, painted by Myla Pearce, tack by Jade, of Magicworks Miniatures.



Even though Kristina originally sculpted Tenorio as an Andalusian, this magnificent and timeless horse is capable of carrying a "coat of many colors". He is irresistible in Appaloosa, and our resin Indian Brave can ride him proudly. Shown on the left, painted by Kim Swanson and on the right by Kim Burd (see Artists Links for contact info on these two great artists)

Romancero, a beautifully painted and haired Tenorio by Faye Cohen. Want to see more of Faye's work?