Here's the official plaque for the Blessed Broodmare Project! This is the original clay sculpture, pictured. It is cast in pure white resin which can be painted or stained and decorated. This beautiful and endearing moment between a mare and her newborn foal was lovingly captured by TIBBP member, artist Kelly Savage from the UK. Kelly has painstakingly carved amazing detail and emotion into this piece and then donated it to the project. $15. out of every sale will go to help our rescues buy feed and supplies. This piece measures 5" long, 4" tall, and 2" deep. A hole can be drilled if you wish it hanging, like an ornament or on the wall. Now I'm not making any promises, but I have been told that this plaque brings with it a feeling of elevation and focus and good will to the owner. I have a few throughout the house! We'll be offering hand painted plaques soon. Unpainted ones are only $35. each. Shipping is as follows, inside the US: 1-2 plaques, $5. 3-5 plaques, $7. 7-10 plaques, $10. Yes, we DO ship internationally! This is a beautiful example of one of these plaques painted. This lovely plaque was painted by Emily Prouse, 15 years old. Many thanks to Emily!