Metolious, Friesian-Extraordinaire by Sue Sifton

This has to be one of the most exquisite Friesian sculptures you will ever see. Artist Sue Sifton spent many hours with the real Metolious, studying and capturing his very essence in this magnificent sculpture. This majestic gelding is traditional sized and will be available in solid or hollow cast. Unpainted, $185 plus shipping.
This is a beautiful and amazing horse.


Metolious is a stately beauty! He will be successful in any number of performance or costume classes. Lovely horse!


Here's the REAL Metolious! Absolute poetry in motion. 

Metolious make a great Irish Tinker. Here's a lovely example painted by Kim Burd.
Metolious can be painted to represent several different breeds. Here, he represents the Warlander, and horse that is 1/2 Andalusian, 1/2 Freisian. This gorgeous horse was painted by Sheryl Leisure, of HorsePower Graphics.


That lovely roan was painted by Yvonne Davey and that classic dapple grey was painted by Gudrun Schmitt, of Germany. What a majestic horse.