Metolious, Custom Cremello by Gina Hall, $300.


Here is one beautiful and unusual stallion! The lovely Metolious, painted and slightly customized with one ear flicked back by artist Gina Hall.  Gina did an amazing job on this intricately dappled cremello pattern, but most amazing are his wonderful and authentic blue eyes. Gina really "nailed it" with these realistic blue eyes. Everyone that knows me, knows I am very picky about blue eyes on a model horse since even in real life blues eyes on a horse look "fake". Well I have to say, the colors Gina used for this horses eyes are just perfect. He has a sweet and soulful expression with deep, believable blue eyes.  The saddle and tack pictured here are not for sale, of course. They are only props. I hope this guy gets to go to a show home. I think the judges will like him!  Only $300. and that includes shipping inside the US.