Mini Crusher by Kitty Cantrell
One of the finest and most generous artists of the model horse world is definitely Kitty Cantrell.  Kitty Cantrell is a high profile artist known world wide for her amazing wild life sculptures and her horse sculptures are among the most sought after.
Kitty originally sculpted a large horse she called "Crusher" He was SO popular that when he sold out, Kitty re-sculpted a miniature version of him and donated him to The International Blessed Broodmare Project.  We are indeed blessed! This little horse sells for $75. for an unpainted version plus $10 shipping inside the US. "Mini Crusher"  stands 4 1/2 inches tall and is 5 3/4 inches long, tail to nose. $25. out of each sale will go to help either the Animali Farm or some of our other rescues. We are truly, truly thankful to Kitty for donating "Mini Crusher" to our cause.