Dartanian and Aramis~ Large Traditional Morgan Stallions by Kitty Cantrell

This beautiful team of Morgans was sculpted by Kitty Cantrell. They are a large Traditional size, hollow cast, and mount to removable bases. Kitty originally sculpted Dartanian, then reworked him just slightly to create his team mate, Aramis. They sell for $185. each, unpainted, plus $10. shipping. Those lovely dapple greys were painted by Jean Barrett .
This is the original sculpture, Dartanian. He is facing straight-on and both ears are up. The horse on the left was painted by Nan Wagner, and the one on the right was painted by Cinda Smith.
And this is Aramis. Aramis has his head turned slightly to the right, and one ear flicked back as if he is listening to his rider. The lovely dapple grey on the left was painted by Caroline Boydeston, and the lovely dapple grey on the right was painted by Jean Barrett. While these horses were originally sculpted to be Morgans, they can certainly look like Andalusians with the right color and tack. Aramis is $185. for unpainted plus $10. for shipping. 
Dartanian and Aramis make an impressive statement alone or with each other. Above, left, Aramis is painted a black pinto National Showhorse, by Teresa Polyak. to his right, Dartanian is a stunning copper pinto painted by Sheryl Leisure. In the two parade pictures, the stallions are painted by Sheryl Leisure and tack, dolls and photo were all done by Karlin and Pat Harr, of the Harr Ranch. These beautiful horses are tack friendly but are larger then traditional sized Breyers and require larger tack.