Rabbani, Traditional Arabian Stallion by Trish Forsythe.

He's finally ready! Here is the long-awaited for Rabbani, by Canadian artist, Trish Forsythe. Rabbani is "Traditional" sized, and hollow cast with our usual steel-reinforced legs and tail. Shown here painted by Cindy Williams, and also photographed by Cindy, this amazing stallion is absolutely breath taking. Trish is a new artist to the model horse hobby, but her work is already becoming greatly sought after. Her attention to detail and ability to capture the expression of this fiery stallion is matched only by the painting artists ability to bring him to life.

So far, we are considering only one mold on Rabbani, so don't miss out on owning one of these magnificent sculptures. $185. for unpainted, plus $10. shipping inside the USA.
I will be adding more pictures soon! Many thanks to Cindy for her use of these beautiful pictures!