Ramses, Eden and Merry
Carol Howard, from Arizona, is a long standing and one of the most renowned model horse artists in the hobby. Her talent and eye for detail is evident in this gorgeous traditional sized Arabian horse family.

Ramses is a little larger then a traditional sized Breyer and he is hollow cast. Only one mold of Ramses and his cost is $200. for unpainted plus shipping. That buckskin pinto was painted by Sherry Clayton. The light chestnut was painted by Lisa Bickford. Liz is riding the dapple grey on the left and he was painted by Kim Swanson. The soft dapple grey on the right was painted by Terra Pennington.     

This is Eden, the lovely mare of the family. Eden is closer to traditional size and she is solid cast. She is the perfect compliment to Carol's stallion, Ramses. Eden costs $185 for unpainted plus shipping. Only one mold on Eden. That flashy red chestnut pinto is by Shannon Robinson, and the sweet dapple rose grey is by Kim Burd. Lisa Bickford painted that light chestnut and the bright bay in the costume was painted by Gudrun Schmitt of Germany


Precious and precocious, Merry is a darling baby filly that goes with Momma Eden and Dad Ramses. She is solid cast, traditional scale and is a one mold run. Merry costs $65. for unpainted plus shipping. That flashy pinto was painted by Susie Neal and the little brown 'Ara-Appaloosa' was painted by Terra Pennington. Cindy Williams painted that soft baby brown and Heather Tarr from Canada painted the little buckskin.

Eden and Merry look wonderful together, and here, Lisa Bickford, on the left and Jamie Coughlin on the right have painted them to match. Absolutely beautiful.