Rastus, hair-prep version

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I finally have some decent pictures of the amazing and charming stallion, "Rastus".  Kitty Cantrell took a Russtic and changed him into a feisty little beast!  Rastus  is his own horse though. I'm not sure what breed he is, but he fits the profile of many. We are offering him in this mane-prep version first, and in a few weeks, we'll have the 'mane version' available. He's a stunning guy. So full of attitude and bravado. Traditional sized, hollow cast, he's only $145. plus shipping for this hair-prep version. He has just limitless potential for hairing or sculpted mane and tail. I can't wait to see what y-all do with him!

What's in a name? Well, sometimes lots of things!  Rastus means "Beloved", and "Compassionate". It's a derivative of the name Erastus, who was a helper to Jesus in the New Testament, and will also be the name of the mane and tail version of Rastus when we get him finished.  But to me, Rastus was named for my "uncle Rastus", or "Uncle R.  Uncle R was an older black man who was my fathers best friend when we were kids.  He would visit and always bring little gifts for us. He always had a little pot metal horse for me though and I still have most of them....nearly 50  years later! Uncle R loved to play tricks on us kids and I will never forget his gentle, deep laughter. So Godspeed, Uncle Rastus! This sassy little horse is for you.
Famous horses named Rastus:
Custus Rastus; Thoroughbred sire
Cactus Rastus; Quarter Horse sire
Bill, the pony belonging to Sam Wise in Lord of the Rings, was played by a Quarter pony named Rastus. You can read Ian McKellins blog about Rastus here
http://www.mckellen.com/cinema/lotr/001003.htm  ......"

.........."Indeed I would have trusted him (Rastus) with the ring itself. "